Student Languaging

The validity of our education is in its process.
To fully understand something, one must first
construct it. We can simply be fed the answer
or given the curriculum, but ultimately we won't
understand the significance of the information. 

When one builds their home from the ground up,
with their own hands, they hold value in it; it is 
their home.When we build our education, we hold
every aspect of it in our minds as well as in our hearts.
We truly believe in our learning of the subject.
As strange as it may seem, we actually crave the
knowledge and experience to fill that "home"
that we have built for our learning.

I believe that one teaches not by giving answers,
but rather by facilitating the quest for those answers.
Let the student draw the map, and let the map lead
to the place the student wishes to be.
Then we will learn.

- Will Nolan, B4E student, class of 2012

We rise, as the light frolics towards our faces,
Its support radiates empowerment,
It is our community,
Flourishing in connection and care.

The seed of knowledge expands delicately,
And roots discover the open earth,
Its new growth of vital importance,
Embellished in confidence.

We voice our ambition to fulfill our needs,
Branching out our experience,
Into a preferred atmosphere of excellence,
Emerging into understanding.

There is a fountain of passionate wisdom,
As our rays of thought merge,
Intertwined in dynamic collaboration,
We created this BrainStorm.

Blessings, 2/22/11

- Winter Tuesday Harms, B4E student, class of 2013