Math Students

BrainStorm has grown to include small-group math classes and workshops in all levels of middle and high school math: General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus/Trig and AP Calculus. Students are achieving their math education while co-creating more functional paradigms for themselves in group dynamics, organizational strategies, self-discipline and work ethics.

Erika Hoglund

Algebra 2 - why take it? I see it as a challenge. I constantly set high standards for myself, which is one reason why I decided to take Algebra 2.  I do not take math class simply because it is required for college. Instead, I am here to learn and expand my brain.  I want to reach my full potential in life, and taking this class means I am one step closer to reaching goals and dreams I have set for myself. Hard work, concentration and dedication, all skills I am learning in Algebra, are going to help me reach success in the near future.  I cannot wait to set off in the world with these skills. From what I have learned in math, I will be able to set myself apart from others in the world to make a difference.

Natalie Toews

Until this year, math had always been a chore, something I was told I needed to know, and never wondered why. "You need to understand this if you want to do well in math next year," or, "This is something that you'll need to know if you want a job as a(n)..." I accepted these reasons, and never questioned them, nor did I even care to. 

But lately, with a new teacher and teaching method, I feel as if I've "come out of the cave" and seen the sun, referring to Plato's Allegory of the Cave. My perception of education, most particularly math, has been uncovered, and I feel that sense of wonder and amazement in the classroom which I wish I could have found earlier. 

The realization that math is a tool and resource, as well as a way to exercise our brains and force us to think in more creative ways, has definitely changed my view on education. 

Molly Brown

Math breaks down
Into numbers.
Numbers upon numbers upon numbers.

Numbers break down into lines
Lines made by pencils and pens and ink
Lines made by people and machines

Of course, everything breaks down into lines.

Everything can be torn apart and broken up and ripped open
Into thousands of little lines
Looking for something to be a part of.

And isn’t that what math really is?

Math is a place where lines can come together and mean something.
Math is a community.
That’s really all it is.

Hailey Davis

I believe that having a smaller class size, especially in math, makes the learning process easier. Being able to ask as many questions as I want, when I want, has made me take more of an interest in math.

I feel that Jonathan has set a good curriculum for our class. He challenges us, but does it in a manner than teaches us the material rather than confuse us. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere of our classroom and I like knowing that I can get help when I need it.

Michael Shively

2011-12 will be my second school year with Jonathan. His unique teaching style, and small class room environment has really worked for me because of the personal interest he takes in each of his student's understanding of the material.

I am looking forward to the rest of the year with Jonathan, and the rest of the class.

Nick Silberman

This is my second year with Jonathan Safir. He takes complex concepts and unravels them in front of us, making the material easy to digest and retain. It can be challenging for students to find teachers that can educate them. Until Jonathan, I had never found a teacher that not only can teach me the curriculum, but teach the "want" to learn.

Tristan de Rochefort

I want to become a creator of my own education. I want to be motivated by my teachers, and by myself. To be designing my own education will inspire me, and I want to motivate others to do the same.

Brainstorm for Education will teach us what it takes to teach, and what it takes to learn.